Modified Magnesium Hydroxide
Inorganic Compound Flame Retardant
Aluminum Hydroxide
Antimony trioxide
Antimony Pentoxide
Modified Magnesium Hydroxide
Inorganic Compound Flame Retardant
Antimony trioxide

色七七影院Located in the picturesque city of Yiyang in Hunan Province, we have the strong sense of responsibility of environment protection, which is our consistent goal. And our high efficiency modified magnesium hydroxide is a halogen-free and environment-friendly flame retardant with no pollution.

色七七影院Human beings have but one earth, the waters and mountains surrounding us are our home for our comfortable existence. Therefore, we have established a environment protection system according to the ISO14001 Environment Management Standard to minimize the negative influences on the environment, for the purpose of which, we have formulated the following policies:

Implement the environment protection measures, Prevent environmental pollution
Continuous improvement and innovation, Harmonious co-existence of human nature

We hope to join hands with you and make our due contribution to the protection of our home-- the earth.

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