Modified Magnesium Hydroxide
Inorganic Compound Flame Retardant
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Antimony trioxide
Antimony Pentoxide
Modified Magnesium Hydroxide
Inorganic Compound Flame Retardant
Antimony trioxide

According to the requirements of ISO9002 quality control system, YiYang Huasheng Flame-retardant Technological Co.,Ltd. has established a product quality assurance system, formulated an documented quality control system consisting of quality assurance handbook, program documents, managing documents, job instructions and quality records, standardized the company's all quality function activities and introduced most advanced production equipments and process technologies so as to ensure that the quality of our products meet out customers' requirements:

1. We have formulated strict quality standard for purchasing raw materials, carried out field investigations and evaluation for every provider of raw materials and ensure that at least two qualified providers are available for each material.

2. We have enhanced the quality control throughout the production process and formulated strict and feasible job instructions and operating specifications for every processing procedures ranging from dosing, feeding, preprocess parameters control to packing, inspecting, measuring and storing. Every production station has its clear responsibilities and each batch of products can be traced back to the source and composition of the raw materials, the dosing, the date of production, the shift, the workers and the inspector of the batch of the product.

色七七影院3. We have the ability of carrying out high-level physical and chemical analysis for every kind of raw materials and products and allocate quality functions and activities to each division and working station by setting up quality evaluation targets and establishing programs of regular quality analyzing meetings, internal quality examination and management evaluation, forming a operational system of quality control job analysis, supervision, examination and rewards and punishments thus ensuring the effective operation of the quality assurance system.

Analyzer of Heavy Metal
Burning Test Apparatus
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